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Personal instruction is another tremendous avenue for skill acquisition and skill demonstration on command. Having a coach with a ‘trained eye’ to see what could be better and, more importantly, the ability to implement the specific adjustments is paramount to the success of a kicker and punter.

For the coach the ball flight is never the problem only a symptom of what has already occurred and where it has occurred leading up to the ball strike and finish. Being the trained reflex that it is, implementing the correct drills will proactively keep you ahead in your kicking. Having a coach, as another layer of accountability and technical guide, can keep poor habits and lazy technique from distracting you from the opportunity set before you.

Before U Kick provides this additional layer of service for you.  Our coaches have a minimum of 15 years experience in the areas of kicking and punting.  Personal instruction provides maximum attention, this maximum benefit. All personal training is done under the sole responsibility of the individual coach.  Any and all fees collected are at the sole discretion of the individual coach. All promotions and statements given by the individual coach are the sole responsibility of that individual coach. All scheduling, locations and times, of personal instructional sessions are arranged by that individual coach and prospective athlete.  Before U Kick has no recourse for sessions that did not occur as scheduled.

To schedule a private instructional session with one of our coaches you may contact them through the provided email or cellular phone number below.

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