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The components at the Before U Kick Camp include:  who you are, what you’re doing, where you’re staying, what you’re putting into your body, and what you will get out of your body.  That being said, this is what you must invest in yourself in order to fully achieve the benefits of your time with Before U Kick.

Who You Are

What makes you up?  Spirit, Soul, Mind, & Body.  Keeping that perspective will keep you grounded from not being disillusioned for what you want to achieve and the time frame that it will occur.  The process of skill development/maturity is different for each athlete.  Comparing ourselves to others and where they are along that same growth path is a disservice to you and those around you.  While we are affected by those around us, you must always keep our uniqueness at the forefront.  The issues of purpose, attitude, desire, and identity and the choices you make surrounding them are crucial to keep grounded at all times.

What You’re Doing

This is training camp.  This intent of this camp is to ultimately guide you to perform your skill on command at a higher level.  We will train your mind to: see the value of a purposed practice (content), to be disciplined in practice (focus), to be humble in practice (recognizing this a privilege), and to be personal in practice (the freedom to be and do your best).

What You’re Using

You want to excel at the fine tuned skills of kicking and punting.

The most important component needed to achieve this is your body.  Therefore, you must be in top kicking and punting shape to draw the best out of the camp and for the camp to draw the best out of you. While we will try to keep the repetitions to a sustainable number, you must prepare yourself in advance for the rigors of a concentrated camp.  Both your athletic conditioning and your kicking swings must be actively engaged and not rusty.  While we cannot require the wearing of sunscreen, we strongly encourage each athlete, coach, trainer, and parent to be fully covered with an acceptable level of sunscreen protection.  We will be outside (in the sun) for most of the day, therefore, we strongly encourage you to take the daily habit of skin protection with the utmost seriousness.

Next, your kicking shoes must be broken in, but not broken down.  Purchasing new kicking shoes a few days prior to the camp will result in blisters and other discomforting issues.  We would also strongly request that each athlete bring, and wear, stable tennis shoes, not flip-flops.  Securing your feet from rolling your ankles, amongst other issues, is extremely important.

Your clothing must be loose fitting and flow with you.  The style points are assigned to the flow of your kicking form and not your fashion statement .  Bringing extra clothing for each practice is strongly encouraged for health reasons and for comfort.

Footballs and accessories.  We would request that each athlete bring to 2 clearly marked, used footballs.  You may obtain these from your high school coach.  While we would hope that the footballs the athlete brings will return home safely, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that. Footballs get lost, are left on the field, get mixed up with others, or are taken by others. While we extend trust to each athlete and put measures in place to protect the possessions of each athlete, we are aware there are no guarantees. Tees, holders, and other equipment  must also be clearly marked and kept in their athletic bag at all times until needed and then returned immediately afterwards.

Food and drink. Hydration is crucial.  There will be trainers present at each practice and water will be supplied (with numerous required water breaks throughout each practice).  Hydration in the evening is important.  Athletes are encouraged to bring any source of healthy sports drink and snack they desire for the evenings.  Bringing your own supplies will be a cost effective way to stay fully hydrated and fortified for the entire camp.  Each meal is in a buffet format.  While we encourage each athlete to take advantage of this (since it is part of your tuition investment!) we cannot regulate that each athlete will eat and hydrate responsibly.

Sleep and your quality of sleep.  The dorm is air conditioned which will enhance the athletes quality of sleep. A sleeping bag to place over the mattress would be the easiest way to bring sheets and a blanket together. All dorm rooms are without sheets, pillowcases, and blankets so how the athlete will sleep best will influence what bedding accessories they should bring. This is the athlete’s prerogative.

Hygiene. All hygiene is the athlete’s responsibility at all times. Personal care items are the responsibility of each athlete. All athletes should be respectful and responsible towards all athletes at all times with regard to personal hygiene.

Authorized prescription medication.  Any physical condition requiring specific medical attention or authorized prescription medication should be brought to the attention of the staff at the initial registration. Any authorized prescription medication being ‘shared’ or ‘distributed’ is an illegal activity which will result in immediate dismissal from the camp.

What NOT To Bring

This is not a family vacation, this is a training camp. This is not going over to your friend’s house, this is a training camp.  We would strongly request that valuables be left at home as we cannot guarantee, or are not responsible, for their safe return.  While we accept that cell phones are now a staple in each person’s life, we would ask that they be used discreetly.  The use of IPods or any other vehicle for musical expression be left at home.  If your focus is “To be the best you can be,” then leave the distractions (mentally/physical) at home.  If absence makes the heart grow fonder (which it does!), then you will better appreciate all your relationships, possessions, and your standing in life when you return home.

While there will be competitions and competitive situations, the sole purpose of this camp is that you would be empowered to be the best kicker/punter possible:  for your team and for your dream.  Coming to this camp with the attitude of showing off or putting others down is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  While each athlete is at a different level of maturity (emotional, physical, and skill development), we know that each athlete can draw great benefit from each and every camp.  Our goal is that each athlete, coach, and parent cross the camp finish line together.

We are responsible for your safe return.  The most important component of any camp is that you would return to those who brought you safely.  Again, we have measures in place that an adult coach will always be with you physically and in with specific guidance with what will be required of you.  There will be long walks to and from the practice fields that require crossing lanes of traffic.  Staying with your group at all times is required. Obeying traffic laws (staying in crosswalks and walking when the signs give guidance) is the law. Trying to circumvent any and all laws can have deadly consequences.

The dorm where you will be housed are air conditioned so no fans will be needed

There is a set schedule in place so that you will maximize your camp experience.
You are to wake up when we wake you up.
You are to eat when we the schedule is there for you to eat.
You are to meet with your group when and where your coach requires.
You are to walk with your group to and from practice.
You are to fully engage to the best of your abilities in practice.
You are to use the rest times accordingly by getting out of the sun in your air conditioned rooms to be off your feet.
You are to pay attention at all times to the meetings that your, or any, coach calls.
You are to respect ALL coaches at ALL times.
You are to be in your room and to have the lights out when you are to be in your room with your lights out.

There will be other camps using the facilities at the same time we are.
You are NOT to engage any other participant of any other camp at any time (even if you are engaged first). You should bring this to the attention of any coach immediately for them to take care of the situation.
Though you may need to use the bathroom during the night, there is one on every floor. Should any athlete leave the dorm at any time during the night for any reason, the athlete will be sent home immediately. There will be a coach housed on each floor that is readily available for any emergency that may occur.

Any camp on university grounds is subject to the laws of the university and the state the university resides in.  Any medication that is required is to be brought to the attention of the training and coaching staff prior to the start of the camp so it maybe secured accordingly.  Any illegal contraband discovered will immediately be brought to and turned over to the legal authorities.  Before U Kick and it’s coaches are completely exempt from any and all responsibility dealing with illegal activities.

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