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Day Camper

For both the College and High School Day Camper the fee is $50 less than the full price. The College Day Camper rate is $445 and High School Day Camper rate is $495. These rates include all meals, meetings, and amenities. There are no discounts for earlier registration for Day Campers.

General Information

A position in a camp can be secured by paying through the PayPay links below or by check/money order.

All payments made by personal check must be received 10 days prior to camp date.

A $125 can seucre a position in a camp, but the Early Bird Special discount will not qualify. Again, all payments by check/money order must be paid in full 10 days prior to the start of the camp.

Your canceled check or credit card statement will act as a receipt of funds for a specific camp.

There will be a 10% administrative charge for ALL medically documented related refunds 2 weeks prior to the camp.

Absolutely NO REFUNDS available for any non-medical condition 1 month prior to the camp.
There will be $200 charge for any other non-medical refund prior to the 1 month window prior to the camp.
Payment by Check/Money Order (in full or deposit)

Mail/Email Registration, Payment, and Medical Release to:
Before U Kick PO Box 151253 Alexandria, VA 22315

Payment by Credit Card (must be paid in full)

Email Registration, Medical Release, and Payment through
All credit card payments must go through the website. You can still mail the Registration and/or Medical Release to the above address. The Registration, Medical Release, and Payment must all be completed and received in order to participate in any Before U Kick Camp.

Any questions or concerns can be resolved by email or 703.200.8756

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